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About A.M.P

Mission Statement 

Academic Multiple Paths is an international education consulting company that commits to offer clients assistance to find the right paths to education enhancement.  As we are living in a global society , we understand the need of achieving career goals by having the right multicultural education background. We challenge individuals to explore the world though education and discover their highest academic potential.


AMP provides one on one and group consultations . We listen and we appreciate everyone’s skills and knowledge before we unfold the opportunities that one has of achieving their education dreams .We do not only consider traditional academic sites but also nontraditional locations ;and we assist individuals to find the right college  fit whether it’s at national or international level. We dedicate our work to help individuals and institutions understand the international dimension of education. Each actor on the global stage has a very important role to play. AMP strives to help students become global citizens and be successful in the international marketplace.   


With a background in international education we are experts in immersing individuals into multicultural education systems. We do not only help students with the admission process but we help them see the multiple paths they can take to graduating college.

we are experienced in:

  • college admissions process
  • graduate schools
  • academic exchanges
  • study abroad
  • international students services
  • transfer students nationally and internationally.
  •  English language immersion – ESL, TOEFL, group and private tutoring