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about founder

Alina Pap

Alina Pap EdD Candidate, Higher Education Leadership, Management and Policy, Seton Hall University

International Education Consultant

Founder of Academic Multiple Paths, LLC.

Alina also holds a Certificate as  an Independent Education Consultant from UC Irvine. With an Eastern European background, Alina has embraced any opportunity of traveling and studying abroad. Mrs. Pap has combined passion for understanding the world around her with the will of becoming a proactive international educator. Today, Mrs. Pap is a well-educated individual with the ability to interpret cultural nuances, interact with prospective and current students on a global platform, and enhance any institution’s positioning in the international education industry. Her expertise in International Education is a combination of two main factors: personal and work experience.

Mrs. Pap started her college education abroad and then she faced the challenges of college admissions as international student in US. Following the paths to pursue a BA in International Studies from CCNY, CUNY and a MA in International Education from NYU, she overcame frustrations caused by cultural immersion into US academic and social life. She started her work experience with Global Education NGOs and Internships with the Romanian Mission at UN. She served as International Education Advisor, ESL instructor, Interchange Chair for CISV, NY Chapter and leader in various international education programs. She has more than 15 years experience in managing exchange programs, budgets and fund raisings to support global and cross-cultural exchange programs.

She is a member of NAFSA, of FBIE interest group (Foreign Born International Educators) and of Global Higher Education Salon at IIE, UN. Holding an Education Consultant Certificate from UCI, Mrs Pap currently advises American families and their children to find the right college fit where students can grow intellectually and become professionals in the global market place. She also works with international students in METRO area and overseas who need assistance with the college admission process, transfers or exchanges. Mrs. Pap serves as a counselor for students interested in Study Abroad, she has opened doors to prospective partnerships with third party S.A. providers and she visits colleges and high schools that are willing to implement strategic plans for internationalization.

Mrs. Pap has devoted her time and career to help individuals see the multiple paths they can take to academic success. She dedicates her services to create a stress free admission process for prospective college students.

“The opportunities of becoming a global citizen through education are many; but the students need to have the right guidance to find them. They need to fully understand their intellectual capacity and how to prevail in the global world. “  (Alina Pap)

Magnus Poulsen

Danish-American student and the

International Communications Specialist of Academic Multiple Paths.

Magnus studied in Denmark for part of his time in high school. There, he learned Danish and explored the differences between his high school in Old Tappan and his international school in Hørsholm as well as cultural differences in the country in general. When he was 16, he was a member of the People to People student ambassador program. While in this program, he visited many different European countries and met with local political leaders and international dignitaries. Mr. Poulsen has also advised international students at Bergen Community College, helping them to improve and practice their English and conversational skills.