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Study Abroad

There are 2 main aspects that someone should consider when it comes to Study Abroad.

1. Study Abroad for a whole undergraduate or graduate program.

 Why Study Abroad ?

  • Low tuition costs
  • International Job opportunities
  • Become proficient in a foreign language
  • Travel and explore multicultural communities
  • Graduate with no College Loans

2.  Many US colleges and universities nowadays, require studying abroad for at least one semester or a year. A.M.P. has the right expertise to help our clients understand why and when S.A. should be considered by college students.

Whether someone decides to study abroad through the college programs or through third party providers we have the right knowledge on:

  • What is Study Abroad?
  • When and why should a student consider studying abroad?
  • Third Party Providers
  • Finding the right college overseas
  • Credit Transfers
  • Traveling and cultural shock